What's the Class of 2017 up to?

Updates on the current second year ENRP students
October 07, 2016

Fritz Gottschalk

Fritz Gottschalk works as the director of sales and marketing for Veteran Compost, a local compost business that focuses on employing veterans and turning food scraps into high-quality compost. The firm produces organic compost and related products from food scraps collected in the Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis and Aberdeen, Md. metropolitan areas and operates two compost production facilities, one in Maryland and one in Virginia.


Megan Lewis

Megan Lewis is a program assistant for the National Science Foundation’s Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences. Prior to this position, she was an administrative support assistant at the Division of Environmental Biology. This year, Megan also held a position as the events intern with George Washington University’s Planet Forward.


Zac Ruckert

Zac Ruckert is currently working as an energy industry analyst in the Office of Administrative Litigation at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He works on electric, natural gas and oil rate cases set for hearing before the commission. Specifically, he prepares analyses of cost-of-service issues in order to facilitate settlement between parties.