Peter Linquiti publishes new book "The Public Sector R&D Enterprise"

Peter Linqiti
September 17, 2015

Palgrave Macmillan recently published Dr. Peter Linquiti's book The Public Sector R&D Enterprise: A New Approach to Portfolio Valuation. This book chronicles Linquiti's research on the federal government's methods of research and development and portfolio valuation. The book begins with an explanation of how government R&D programs operate with a system allowing R&D investments to be monetarily valued before they are made. This explanation allows the book's contents to be accessible to students and experts alike. Linquiti then goes on to prove the potential for a new valuation methodology that could estimate the risks and returns of future R&D investments.


More information can be found here, on the publisher's website, including reviews from colleagues praising Linquiti's work. 



Read Dr. Linquiti's faculty profile here in the Trachtenberg School and here in the ENRP department.