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ENRP Faculty Updates

Arun Malik studies electricity patterns in India

ENRP Professor Arun Malik is currently working on a research project with a fellow GW colleague, Michael Mann, and another at Boston University, Eli Melaas, exploring the social costs of unreliable power in India.

Bill Adams receives teaching award and co-authors article for Policy Studies Journal

For 2016, the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Administration has awarded Dr. Bill Adams with the Outstanding Full-Time Teaching Award.

Dr. Ben Simon's Recent Presentations

Dr. Ben Simon, an ENRP-associated adjunct faculty member, gave two prominent presentations in the Fall of 2016.

Houston Miller Studying Thawing Permafrost Emissions

Dr. Miller's laboratory is among a group of researchers working to study thawing permafrost emissions in Alaska on a project entitled, "Characterizing Thawing Permafrost Carbon Emissions: An Integrated Pilot Study in Support of Satellite Evaluation/Design and Earth System Modeling Capabilities". The project is funded by a $980,000 grant from NASA's Terrestrial Hydrology Program. Dr. Miller's group is developing and deploying a sensor to perform open-path, laser absorption measurements of carbon dioxide and methane at field sites in each of the next two years.

Peter Linquiti publishes new book "The Public Sector R&D Enterprise"

Palgrave Macmillan recently published Dr. Peter Linquiti's book The Public Sector R&D Enterprise: A New Approach to Portfolio Valuation. This book chronicles Linquiti's research on the federal government's methods of research and development and portfolio valuation. The book begins with an explanation of how government R&D programs operate with a system allowing R&D investments to be monetarily valued before they are made. This explanation allows the book's contents to be accessible to students and experts alike.

Dr. Adam Smith's Recent Grant Awards

Dr. Adam Smith of the Biology Department was recently awarded two research grants. One grant will fund field work on tropical bees to test whether the offspring developmental environment causes daughter bees to stay at the nest as workers or leave to reproduce. The second grant will fund research on a new pesticide and its effects on the alfalfa leaf cutter bee Megachile rotundata, which is a solitary bee and is the primary managed pollinator of alfalfa crops. The tests will seek to establish thresholds for applying the pesticide without harming the Megachile rotundata.

Cathy Forster Returns from Sabbatical

Dr. Catherine Forster is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and teaches in the Program for Geological Sciences.  Her research on dinosaur systematics and morphology broadly combines these two disparate fields.  Dr. Forster is actively  involved in field research in China and South Africa, and recently returned from a year of sabbatical at Christ's College, University of Cambridge, in the UK.  She is the former president for the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, as well as the former Director of Graduate Studies for ENRP.

Nancy Augustine Teaches International Students Introduction to American Government and Policy

In 2016, Nancy Augustine has taught an introduction to American government and policy to groups of students from the University of Southampton (UK), and the City of Shanghai.