Required Courses

The Environmental Resources Policy (ENRP) program at GW offers a multidisciplinary approach to environmental and sustainability issues.  The Certificate in Contexts of Environmental Policy provides both professional credentials and the opportunity to engage with a broad range of academic disciplines within Columbian College.

The Certificate consists of four 3-credit courses.  All participants in the program must take either PPPA 6006 (Policy Analysis) or PPPA 6066 (Environmental Policy).  The three remaining courses can be selected from the courses listed below.  In special cases, with permission from the program and faculty, students may take courses not listed below.  Students should consult with the ENRP Program Director in order to construct an individualized curriculum best suited to their needs and interests.

Policy/Social Studies Courses

ENRP 6101/6102 Environmental Sciences.  Students may take either course.
GEOG 6219 Urban Climate
GEOG 6230 Environmental Issues in Development
HIST 6011 History and Public Policy
HIST 6302 Colonial North America
HIST 6304 American Indian History to 1890
SMPA 6201 Strategic Communication Skills
PHIL 6281 Environmental Philosophy and Policy
PSC 6103 Approaches to Public Policy Analysis
PPPA 6010 Politics and Public Policy
PPPA 6031 Governing and Managing Nonprofit Organizations
PPPA 6043 Land Use Planning and Community Development
PPPA 6067 Environment, Energy, Technology, and Society
PPPA 6140 Introduction to Environmental Law
SOC 6250 Urban Sociology
STAT 6104 Statistics in Management, Administration, and Policy Studies

Culture Courses

AMST/HIST 6480 Theory and Practice of Public History
AMST/HIST 6495/6496 Historic Preservation.  Students may take either course.
AMST 6530 Field Methods in Architectural Documentation
AMST/HIST 6420 Religion in American Culture
ANTH 6101 Museums and the Public:  Exhibiting Culture
ANTH 6807 Public Archaeology
ENGL 6510 Writing Race and Nation
ENGL 6520 Ethnicity and Identity
MSTD 6101 Museum Management
MSTD 6103 Leading Change in Museums
MSTD 6203 Preventive Conservation Concepts