Meet an Alum: Justin Pryor, Environmental Protection Agency

Justin Pryor


We asked alum Justin Pryor (Class of 2014) some questions about his career and time at ENRP. See what he had to say below...







Current job position: Oil and Gas Sector Analyst, Climate Change Division, Environmental Protection Agency

Hometown: Winslow, Maine

Undergraduate School: University of New Hampshire, B.S. in Biology

Why Justin chose ENRP: I chose ENRP for its interdisciplinary structure and the potential opportunities to partner with high-level clients (and potential future employers) for the Capstone Project.

How ENRP prepared Justin for his professional career: ENRP provided me with a solid background on the environmental field and the issues facing it, as well as equipped me the tools to best evaluate these issues from a multidisciplinary approach.

Why Justin enjoys his current job: I enjoy my job because it feels meaningful. I will play a role in actual reductions in greenhouse gasses, furthering the efforts of the U.S. and the international community. I also enjoy working with like-minded individuals. 

Justin's capstone project: My capstone project incorporated seeking out and partnering with a client, the Environmental Protection Agency, analyzing their Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program's publicly available data, conducting interviews with EPA officials, and providing policymakers with a profile of the regulated community and a socioeconomic characterization of the surrounding areas of the facilities under the Reporting Program. Technical information on emissions from the major emitting sectors were assessed, including an evaluation on the effectiveness and tracking the progress and trends of voluntary emission reduction programs. Recommendations on the use of the information for estimating emissions at the facility and national level were communicated to agency management through two formal briefings and a final report.

How Justin's capstone project helped his career: The capstone project gave me direct experience with my current employer, and a program I now work with on a regular basis (the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program). It was an extremely important piece of my resume that I was able to confidently discuss during my interview.

Justin's favorite aspect of ENRP: My favorite aspect of ENRP was the flexibility it allowed in choosing electives. I catered my elective course load to provide me with as much international knowledge and experience as possible, in the hopes of using that for a future position.

Justin's tips for living, studying, and working in DC: Live in DC. I don't, and commuting is a hassle and you will never get that time back.

A fun-fact about Justin: I enjoy long walks up and down hills (mountaineering/backpacking/hiking).