Meet an Alum: Emily Wasley Seyller, Cadmus Group

Emily Seyller


We asked alumna Emily Wasley Seyller (Class of 2009) some questions about her career and time at ENRP. See what she had to say below...





Current job position: I am the Senior Climate Risk & Resilience Specialist with The Cadmus Group, Inc. (Cadmus) where I plan and lead projects with a variety of Federal and corporate clients to prepare for the risks and opportunities that climate change will pose for the sustainability and resilience of our communities and systems. This involves providing expertise on issues such as climate impacts, risks, and adaptation under various future scenarios affected by global climate change. I lead integrated project teams with a range of technical, scientific, and policy expertise.

Hometown:  I have two hometowns as I grew up in London, England but since my parents were both teachers, we spent summers in Monterey, California doing house exchanges. I recently spent over 10 years living in the Washington, DC region and have since relocated to Oakland, California which I now consider my new home.

Undergraduate School and Major:  Hamilton College; Public Policy and Environmental Studies.

Why Emily chose ENRP:  I chose ENRP after a few years of professional experience knowing that I wanted to further my career in environmental policy, smart growth, and exploring the interdependencies between built and natural systems for a healthier future.

How ENRP prepared Emily for her professional career: I was working at Booz Allen Hamilton while I was in the ENRP program, so I was able to leverage what I was learning in the program with what I was doing for my clients on environmental policy and climate change. Having graduated from GW and the ENRP program, I have been able to connect with fellow GW alums in a variety of contexts. The networks that GW alumni create are not only strong but long-lasting.

Why Emily enjoys her current job: I love what I do every day, so it’s hard to pick one favorite part. However, if I had to choose, it would be meeting new, passionate, and driven people in this field every day. Connecting with likeminded people who want to create a better world for our children and grandchildren in the face of a changing climate really gets me excited about what I do.

Emily's capstone project: I graduated from ENRP in 2009 before the transition to the capstone projects. However, I was thrilled to hear that the program embraced the idea of a capstone project as that gives students an excellent connection between educational and professional experience while expanding their networks.

Emily's favorite aspect of ENRP: The program really pushed me to think at an interdisciplinary level and to consider all perspectives for policy whether it’s economic, social and cultural, and environmental.

Emily's tips for living, studying, and working in Washington, DC or California’s Bay Area: Be open to change and take advantage of new opportunities and adventures. Over my career, I’ve had many amazing experiences including supporting the President’s Climate Action Plan, the integration of science into all Federal Agency Adaptation Plans, providing expert climate adaptation support to the first ever Regional Climate Preparedness, Adaptation, and Resilience Exercise Series and Cities of Service Resilience AmeriCorps cohort, among others. I am extremely proud of and humbled by the work that I do on community resilience and adaptation. And I wouldn’t be where I am today without an open mind in the midst of such uncertainty, eagerness to work with others on new challenges, and the desire to create a healthier future.