Meet an Alum: Adam Forrer, Southeastern Wind Coalition

Adam Forrer


We asked alumna Adam Forrer (Class of 2016) some questions about his career and time at ENRP. See what he had to say below...

Current job position: Program Associate, Southeastern Wind Coalition

Hometown:  Alexandria, VA

Undergraduate School and Major:  I graduated from the University of Richmond in 2014 with degrees in Environmental Studies and Political Science.

Why Adam chose ENRP:  ENRP offered everything I was looking for in a grad program: a broad foundation of many areas relating to environmental policy, the ability to specialize and focus on a specific area on interest with electives, and access to several groups in DC working on many of the issues I was interested in.

How ENRP prepared Adam for his professional career: Working for a small non-profit I wear many hats. The broad range of core classes ENRP provided helps me support SEWC in many different capacities. Having the experience from these core classes has allowed me to take on projects I might not normally have been prepared for. 

Why Adam enjoys his current job: I definitely get to work on something new every day and that's always exciting. I'm constantly learning new things and applying them in my work.

Adam's capstone project: My capstone group looked at oil and gas wells on National Landscape Conservation System lands and the effects they had on National Parks for the Natural Resource Defense Council. NRDC was considering a campaign to increase protections for NLCS lands based on benefits National Parks would also receive. In my work, I don't deal with oil or gas wells, but many other aspects of our capstone project such as consensus building, coordination, meeting deadlines, writing skills and appropriate communication are all essential skills for my job and our capstone project absolutely helped reinforce those for me.

Adam's favorite aspect of ENRP: Hands down it was the people involved in the program. From the faculty, to the professors, to the students in the program, the relationships you build with everyone involved with ENRP are probably one of the most underrated aspects of the program.

Adam's tips for living, studying, and working in Washington, DC: Going to grad school in DC is a fantastic opportunity to expose yourself to many different areas of environmental policy in order to help you figure out what you do or don't want to do. Environmental policy encompasses such a wide range of potential careers that it's rare to find so many of them together the way you do in DC. Being able to get involved in as many of these areas as possible can really help you narrow your career path after you finish your degree.

Adam's career tips for those interested in environmental policy: Make sure everything you do tells your story. The jobs you took beforehand don't always have to draw a direct line to the job you're applying for now, especially in such a broad sector like environmental policy. There are always skills that transfer between any jobs, so being able to say that you took a job because you were passionate about or interested in an unrelated field is always a better answer than saying it was the best available job at the time.  

Fun fact about Adam: I went to T.C Williams, the high school from the movie "Remember the Titans."