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The George Washington University prides itself in being one of the greenest campuses among U.S. universities. As a result, ENRP students can engage global environmental challenges right on campus. University organizations include: 

  • GW Office of Sustainability: The office provides a strategic home for sustainability initiatives that are implemented in partnership with stakeholders across the GW community.
  • GW Solar Institute: A research institution dedicated to the economic, technical, and public policy issues associated with development of solar technologies.
  • Planet Forward: GW students work with Planet Forward to find, elevate and share some of the most original and exciting ideas and innovations in sustainability, energy and climate change.

In addition, several student-led organizations are active in the fields of environmental management, food and agriculture, and sustainability.

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Students Collaborate with EPA on Urban Sustainability Solutions

For their capstone project, graduate students in the Environmental Resource Policy Program took on a new role: EPA consultants charged with developing strategies for addressing the health risks associated with contaminated soil, water, and air in urban areas. Students analyzed and made recommendations on ways to identify, track, and treat potentially hazardous chemical substances and other pollutants that are the byproducts of the world’s industrial facilities.