ENRP's Upcoming Merger with the Trachtenberg School


ENRP at Trachtenberg

Beginning in Fall 2017, the ENRP Program will become part of GW’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration.  US News currently ranks the T-School as first among DC-area schools of public affairs, and 13th on a national basis.   ENRP’s Director (Peter Linquiti) and Director of Graduate Studies (Nancy Augustine) are already members of the School’s faculty.  ENRP students will become part of a lively academic community of over 250 students and about two dozen faculty. ENRPers will have the opportunity to join the Trachtenberg Student Organization, the chance to write for Policy Perspectives (our student-run journal) and its associated blog, and access to the School’s career advising services.  The content and structure of the ENRP curriculum will, however, remain unchanged. Visit the Trachtenberg website for more general information.

For specific information about environmental policy at the Trachtenberg School click here.