ENRP Director Releases New Working Paper: The Truth’s Advocate

Peter Linquiti portrait
November 14, 2017

ENRP Director Peter Linquiti recently issued an updated version of his working paper “The Truth’s Advocate: Deconstructing Environmental Policy Claims in a Post-Truth World.”  


The purpose of the paper is to help policy analysts make sense of the claims and counter-claims that dominate debates about issues like climate change, oil pipelines, de-forestation, dying coral reefs, biodiversity, sea level rise, fracking, and dead zones and oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.  Linquiti offers practical advice for answering five core questions:


  • Where should I begin?
  • Who can I trust?
  • Does the structure of the claim justify its conclusions?
  • Does the evidence used in the claim support its conclusions?
  • Does the claim demonstrate multidisciplinary systems thinking?


Developing answers to these questions can help a policy analyst serve as the Truth’s Advocate, to test and evaluate environmental policy claims to understand which are worth taking seriously and which should be discarded as unhelpful.


The 40-page paper ends with a one-page checklist that summarizes the key concepts that provide the foundation for deconstructing environmental policy claims.