Arun Malik studies electricity patterns in India

Arun S. Malik
April 07, 2016

ENRP Professor Arun Malik is currently working on a research project with a fellow GW colleague, Michael Mann, and another at Boston University, Eli Melaas, exploring the social costs of unreliable power in India. These costs can be wide-ranging and substantial in developing countries, where power outages are frequent and widespread. A major obstacle to measuring the costs of unreliable electricity in developing countries is the absence of data on power outages at fine temporal spatial scales. With help from the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite, Malik and his partners are using images of nighttime lights to develop purpose-built estimates of electricity reliability in India. These reliability estimates will be used to estimate selected socio-economic impacts of unreliable power.

Example satellite imagery of lights on land

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