Our Students

From the natural and social sciences to the humanities and applied disciplines like journalism and business, students in the ENRP program come from a variety of different academic and professional backgrounds. A diverse student body is a cornerstone of the multidisciplinary ENRP program.

Undergraduate Major

  • 29% of our students enter the program directly from their undergraduate institution,
  • 46% enter the program within three years of receiving their Bachelors degree, and
  • 25% join the program four or more years after receiving their Bachelors degree.

ENRP students are also in a great position to strengthen their career prospects while studying in Washington, D.C. During the two year program, nearly 40% work full time while 25% work part time, complementing their education and gaining valuable professional experience.

How students and alumni describe the ENRP program:

"It offers access to government agency officials and policy engines." –ENRP Graduate

"DC is the heart of policy."  –ENRP Graduate

"Having the base of science and policy, and then being able to pick and choose what you really are interested in, was very useful." –ENRP Graduate

"The Capstone course adds a real-life experience in terms of problem solving, group dynamics, client interaction, interview, report writing — all of which are very useful skills in any field."  – ENRP Graduate

"I liked how I was able to choose a geography course and a public policy course, and both were able to count towards my degree."  –ENRP Student

"A strength of the ENRP program is that it lets students complete the degree part-time."  –ENRP Graduate

 "The program offers night classes for students who work full time."  –ENRP Student

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